Sports Facilities

A membrane sports facility with a spacious area and
high ceilings suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor sports.

Membrane sports facility is one of the most suitable construction methods for sports facilities because it protects against rain and snow, cuts UV, and creates a bright environment with natural light, making it easy to create large spaces without indoor pillars. From the point of view of cost and time, the larger the building, the more advantageous it is to use membrane construction.


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Mito Athletic Field: The free and beautiful shape with curved surfaces and curves that cannot be expressed by other construction materials. It can also be freely designed to suit the event. In addition, the use of antifouling treated membrane material has a self-cleaning effect that allows rain to wash away dirt.

Playing Field

A comprehensive regional sports club in Yamagata City.

General Sports Park Tennis Court Roof

General Sports Park Tennis Court Roof.

Indoor Soccer Field

Multi-purpose indoor sports facilities.

Indoor Soccer Field Roof

Product Features

Sports Facilities
Beautiful shape with flexible design

It features free and beautiful shapes such as curved surfaces that difficult to be expressed by other building materials. The use of antifouling treated membrane material allows for self-cleaning, making the interior even brighter. In addition, the use of translucent membrane materials eliminates the need for daytime lighting.

Sports Facilities
Superior safety by taking advantage of the features of membrane construction

Membrane construction buildings are much lighter than ordinary buildings, and are subjected to less strain during earthquakes, providing superior safety and strength. We use high-strength membrane materials. In addition, the construction period is shorter than that of general construction methods.


Inside the facility, we can create a more comfortable environment by combining options such as ball nets to partition the space, artificial grass, and lighting fixtures, depending on the intended use.


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