We, Yamaguchi New Shelter Industry Inc., will continue to challenge and solve social issues and your concerns with our membrane structure.

Founded in 1972 as a tent sheet sewing factory, Yamaguchi New Shelter Industry Inc.,began manufacturing its own frames just three years later, and is now involved in the production of a wide variety of membrane structures. With the slogan "Membranes make the city and the future more brilliant", we have long been striving to manufacture products that please the people of the world and, above all, our customers. We will continue to maintain a broad perspective and flexible ideas, and in addition to our goal of "creating satisfying spaces," we will continue to create membrane structures that will be more useful to the world and build a new future. At Yamaguchi New Shelter Industry Inc., there is no such thing as "impossible. Armed with the technology we possess and the experience we have accumulated, our team of professionals in design, manufacturing, and construction will work together to realize our new vision, "WRAP THE FUTURE".


"Membranes make the city and the future more brilliant" Our goal iscreating satisfying spaces

Sometimes they are used to hold luggage on people's shoulders, sometimes to store people's valuable belongings, sometimes for children's play areas, sometimes as a covering to protect them from wind, snow, and sun. The uses for membranes are endless. We are constantly exploring these endless possibilities, conducting research to realize them, and creating products that satisfy our customers. At Yamaguchi Sangyo, there is no such thing as "impossible. We hope to be of service to society with the dynamic power of our combined strengths. We look forward to your continued support.

CEO: Atsuki Yamaguchi

代表取締役 山口篤樹

Company Profile

Company Name
Yamaguchi New Shelter Industry Inc.,
December 1976 (December 25, 1976 (founded April 1, 1972))
Head Office
3555-120 Taku-machi, Taku-shi, Saga 846-0031
TEL.0952-74-2525(Representative) FAX.0952-74-2527

Second Factory
7058-5, Taku-machi, , Taku-shi, Saga 846-0031
TEL.0952-75-6130 FAX.0952-75-8530

Kita Taku Factory
2378-2, Oaza-Takubaru, Kitataku-machi Taku-shi, Saga 846-0003
TEL. 0952-37-9992 FAX. 0952-37-9998

Kitakannto Factory
2138-2, Hitanatakaratsubo, Nakago-cho, Kitaibaraki, Ibaraki 319-1556
TEL,0293-44-6150 FAX,0293-44-6151
Atsuki Yamaguchi
132(as of July 2023)
¥3,610,000,000(Fiscal year 2022)
Membrane Structural Building
・ATA advanced textile international
・Japan Awning Association
・Japan Tent Sheet Manufacturers Association
Permits and
Construction business license granted by the governor of Saga prefecture First-class restered architect office (No.2-923) May 2003 ISO 9001-2000 certification
Mar. 2009 Membrane processing certified factory (by MSAJ)
Dec. 2018 Steel Fabrication certified factory "M Grade"(by MLIT)
Dec. 2018 Selected as “The Driving Company for the regional future” by METI
Eligible Person
First-class Registered Architect
Second-class Registered Architect
First Class Architectural Construction Management Engineer
Second Class Architectural Construction Management Engineer
First-Class Civil Engineering Construction Management Engineer
Structural Design First Class Registered Architect
type of
Production volume
・375,000111/year 31,250111/month (Fabric)
・1,440ton/year 120ton/month(Steel)

History of Company

Apr. 1972
Began manufacturing sheets and flexible air duct
Feb. 1975
Steel division established and production of tent frames begins.
Dec. 1976
Established Yamaguchi New Shelter Industry Inc.,
Jan. 1993
Purchased 18,000 m² of land for a factory in Taku City.
Feb. 1994
Started construction of a new steel-framed factory (1,200 m² building)
Aug. 1994
Started construction of a new membrane processing factory (800 m² building)
Oct. 1994
Head office and plant relocated to Kirioka Plant
May. 2003
ISO 9001-2000 certification
July. 2006
Kitakyushu Office opened
Apr. 2011
Fukuoka Office opened
Dec. 2012
Sendai Office opened
Jan. 2014
Tokyo Office opened
July. 2016
Kita-Kanto Factory (Kita-Ibaraki City) opened
Sept. 2017
Nagoya office opened
Oct. 2018
Osaka Office opened
Dec. 2018
Steel fabrication factory M-Grade certified
Jan. 2021
Yame Office (House Division) opened
Aug. 2021
Miyazaki Office opened
Aug. 2022
Received the 8th Saga Saikou Kigyo Award

Details of Permits, Qualifications, etc.

The industry's only in-house "M-Grade Certified Factory"

There are three steel frame fabrication plants: the headquarters plant (Taku City, Saga Prefecture), the second plant (Taku City, Saga Prefecture), and the Kita-Kanto plant (Kita-Ibaraki City, Ibaraki Prefecture). The steel frame fabrication plant at the headquarters of Yamaguchi Sangyo, based in Taku City, Saga Prefecture, acquired "M Grade" certification in December 2018. The certification enables the company to handle large-scale projects and public projects designated by the certified factory. Inheriting the skills of skilled workers cultivated over the 50 years since its establishment, the company has further improved quality and productivity by introducing the latest equipment and other measures. As a result, we have received high evaluations for our contribution to cost reductions and shorter construction periods, and we have been involved in large-scale projects and public projects. We will continue to provide even higher quality products in the future.

What is M-Grade?

The purpose of the Steel Frame Fabrication Factory Certification System is to certify to the client that the steel frame fabrication factory possesses the quality control capability and technical skills necessary to produce and supply architectural steel frames of appropriate quality. Under the factory accreditation system, the reliability of the quality assurance of architectural steel frames (especially welds) produced at steel fabrication factories is evaluated, and based on the evaluation results, the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism grants accreditation. The quality of steel frames is ensured by the effective functioning of quality control capabilities and technical skills involved in steel frame fabrication. For this reason, the following points are strictly examined and evaluated in factory accreditation.

Quality Management System (Organization, Management Technician)

Content of Internal Standards

Types and management of manufacturing and inspection equipment

Production experience and R&D capabilities

Production and quality control practices

Advantages of M Grade

1.Performance guarantee of steel welds
2.Guarantee of a solid inspection system
3.Provides a steel frame with excellent earthquake resistance
4.Reliable response to interim and completion inspections
5.Increased reliability of steel fabrication plants


Received the 8th Saga Saikou Kigyo Commendation.

About the "Saga Saikou Kigyo Commendation

Companies in the prefecture support the vitality of the prefecture's economy and local communities through manufacturing based on superior technologies and providing creative services, and are active on the world stage. By making the efforts of these companies widely known to the citizens of Saga Prefecture, we hope to raise awareness of the prefecture's companies, enhance their image, motivate employees, and make them proud to work for the prefecture, as well as make the citizens of the prefecture proud of Saga Prefecture and encourage high school and university students, who are currently out of the prefecture, to find employment with companies in the prefecture. The purpose of the award is to encourage the people of Saga Prefecture to take pride in their work and to encourage high school and university students who are currently out of the prefecture to find employment at companies in the prefecture.

2.Awarded Companies
The companies that will receive awards are those that fall into one of the following categories and are recognized by the Governor.
(1) Companies that are enthusiastic about developing business models and providing original products and services
(2) Companies that are boldly taking on new challenges in terms of distribution channels and sales methods.

「第8回 佐賀さいこう企業表彰」受賞
「第8回 佐賀さいこう企業表彰」受賞

Selected as a“The Driving Company for the regional future”

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has selected 2,148 “The Driving Company for the regional future” as core regional companies that are candidates to be bearers of regional economic traction projects. Yamaguchi Sangyo Co., Ltd. was selected as one of these companies. We will continue to actively develop our business as a driving force of the regional economy and strive for the growth and revitalization of the regional economy.



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